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The county and region of Sussex is one of the most beautiful in our whole island. Situated on the very south-eastern coast of England, Sussex is one of the most sought after locations to live in the whole of the UK.

In terms of house prices, the properties in Sussex prove to be some of the most expensive in the whole of Britain.

Aylesford is one of the finest examples of modern Britain reacting well to its surroundings. Back many centuries ago, the area was synonymous with shipping and elements to do with the Royal Navy.

With close proximity to the European mainland, the area of Sussex has often been the place which had to be en-guard ready to repulse the attacks from Europe.

Brighton is a truly gorgeous location – allowing our broad and diverse range of clients the easy ability to go ahead and book in a fabulous hog and spit roast of their own – with exceptional taste results! When travelling through the sun-kissed towns such as Chichester, tourists are often stunned by the sheer natural beauty which is presented to them.

Through expansive arable as well as live-stock farming in the Sussex region, our fully trained and qualified chefs use only the best produce sourced locally.

Through the use of such stunning produce, we have always maintained a very large customer base – one which simply cannot get enough of the great food we serve – in locations such as Chilgrove.

Slink your way down to West Wittering to soak up the beauty of the region – however you will need a pork roll to soak up the flavours of the region.

In Batleyits glorious and sweet summertime all the timeSussex is famous for its beautiful countryside landscape and local farm produce. The Greenest and most wooded county in the United Kingdom. Sussex has a wealth of natural beauty which makes it ideal for garden parties and outside events.

A great addition to any outside event is Taste the Cracklin’s hog roast catering, the sweet roasting smell filling the summer night air while the sun sets.

Not just the usual disposable summer BBQ with uncooked burnt food that emanates the smell of burning charcoal.

A hog roast party will provide succulent evenly cooked meat and a fascinating centre piece to any outside gathering with a hog roast in Burwash, Chilgrove, West Wittering, or village fetes to wedding receptions.

We found our machines are a popular talking point and attract a lot of people at all kinds of event.

Locally sourced food and meat is also important in Sussex, famous for its local produce. We source our meat from the top local suppliers providing fresh cuts of your preferred meat and cooked in an organic simple way to retain all the juice and flavour of the meat lost in modern ovens and roasting machines.

This is a professional machine and service we provide, ensuring meat is cooked to perfection in front of your guests. At the outside events and fairs we have catered we have found people tend to congregate around the machine as they watch the food cook, making them more hungry and satisfied with the final product.

The simple cooking experience we provide gives simple enjoyment which other cooking methods lack.

The traditional pig roast offers a step back to simpler times when a group of friends or nobility would entertain guests with a big feast to show off their wealth.

Today a pig roast need not cost a King’s ransom to be held at your home or palace.

With our machines you can provide a luxurious elegant banquet eating experience for a much cheaper price than usual catering services. One large piece of Lamb, Pork or Beef on a large spit roast machine can feed up to one hundred and fifty people.

Catering for such a large amount with usual buffet menus and catering would work out a lot more expensive than renting one of our machines, with serving staff, collection and delivery.

We can provide machine hire and staff through the whole Sussex area. If you are looking to save more money we can just provide delivery of the machine and leave the rest to you.

The choice of meat, preparation, cooking, serving and cleaning the machine will save you even more money if you choose to do so. All our machines our CE approved and come with our guarantee.

An ideal option for more creative chefs and hands on organisers we have found this option more popular with people who want to cater to smaller parties and family events.

Carving the meat yourself means you get to see each guest individually and cater to their needs more effectively.

Although it is a more personal and intimate dining experience some customers do not simply have the time or cooking ability to cook a Hog Roast by themselves.

For the busy Commuters and business people we also offer a full delivery, collection, cleaning, serving and staff service. For an extra cost we will take care of your hog roast party catering and the machine and ensure your guests are well fed while you can relax and enjoy the entertainment.

This option is ideal for business and corporate events where our customers focus on promoting and marketing their business whilst we focus on providing a professional catering service.

It is also an option for smaller events where the organiser prefers to mingle and mix with guests than slaving over a roasting machine all day and cleaning up after.

We take the stress of catering for any event from you and provide a first class eating and dining experience.

So whether you want to hold a great banquet or a small family gathering there are a variety of hog roast catering options out there for you.

The image of a grand hedonistic banquet with a hog roasting in the centre need not be expensive. You can now enjoy the delicate meat provided by a roasting machine at your own home.

A Hog Roast is a great talking point at dinner parties, weddings and family events. It can also act as a great attraction for larger Fairs, business and corporate events. Whatever the occasion we cater for we provide the hog roast catering package to fulfil your needs.

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