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Taste the Cracklin

You will find that there are many different forms of catering available which can often make it very difficult to know which option is best for you. At Taste the Cracklin our expert service allows for us to cater to both indoor and outdoor events, no matter what the weather decides to do you can still have a succulent hog roast in Tralee.

We operate up and down the country providing the UK with a delicious hog roast for all occasions, you can find our service located in almost every area. Wanting a hog roast, Tralee, Oxford, or Longridge? Our service is available in each area and many others.

We use only locally sourced ingredients so you can be assured that we will only be cooking food which is of the highest quality in a way which will enrich the flavours and provide you with a meal which will have your taste buds dancing.

Leaders In Our Field in Tralee

We offer a number of different menus allowing you to choose the one which suits your occasion best; each menu has a number of different meal options so that you can create a menu which fits your taste, rather than having one set menu with no variation.

If you would like to find out more information about how we can help you, simply pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss the various options, or alternatively fill in some details on the website and we’ll come right back to you with further information and to discuss your needs and requirements

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