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The Metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear is relatively young, only coming into existence in 1974. The bonds and ties which hold the people of the region together, though, are far far older than this. As a people, they are the ‘salt of the Earth,’ and have taken to our bespoke hog and spit roast catered events like ducks to water.

In Frimley we have seen a huge deal of community involvement in our hog roasts – as our machine hire option has been very popular here indeed.

As is the case in Newcastle, people simply love the idea of eating food which no restaurant can touch. The nearby lands and districts which flank and percolate the region of Tyne and Wear are a great place for us to get our hands on some of the nations finest whole meat produce – resulting in some of the finest taste sensations when we conduct the catering at the events of our numerous and eclectic client bases.

In Kenton, it is always a pleasure to conduct some of the absolute best wedding and corporate catering – all centred around our exclusive use of meat which is spit roasted in front of our very eyes – simply marvellous.

Taste the Cracklin’s side dishes in towns such as Longbenton are always in demand also – as our chefs love crafting other dishes, not just the meats.

In Southwick our food is loved by all – and of course it should be! By always standing rigidly towards the principles of providing our clients with stunning food, and always served in a professional manner – we ensure that the food we put on the plates of our clients is always first rate – so come on down to Market Bosworth for the best food around.

Although hog roast functions typically take place in the evening, Taste the Cracklin can also offer our hog roast catering services if you require a breakfast or even a lunch meal. This has been very popular for when a corporate meeting is happening and will last for a very long time.

When the meeting has ended or those in attendance go on a break, by choosing our hog roast catering services will enable for an interesting conversational point to be created as well as providing something which will satisfy any hunger pains.

In fact, our catering services are so popular for a corporate environment that we actually provide several set menus so for a in Kenton, Southwick or even a Longbenton have a look at all the different menu options available.

If you do not prefer hog but instead require other types of meat, we can satisfy your demands as we are able to offer multiple meats on top of hog.

Such meats include chicken, turkey, lamb and we also provide a vegetarian option as well. No matter what preference your guests have, we can offer all kinds of meat but they are still cooked using our machines.

Therefore, the same wonderful taste is given on each and every occasion. If you want several types of meat served at your hog roast catering event, we can provide multiple machines in order to do this.

I have lived in Kenton for forty years since moving there with my wife, Susan. She was fifty last year and so I wanted to do something special for her.

We have had parties in the past, many times, and they have all been special occasions, but this time I wanted to do something different.

I was stuck for ideas about what to do for her big day, so I ventured out into Southwick in search of inspiration.

I was walking through Southwick with the bridge in my sites. My eyes were fixated on the glorious structure of the bridge when suddenly the most wonderful smell seized my attention.

My head turned to the right, and the most wonderful aromas came wafting over from someone’s garden. I was feeling quite nosey so I walked up to their gate, trying to find the source of the scent.

I saw many people gathered around some sort of machine, their eyes fixated on it as mine were on the bridge moments ago. I craned my neck further still and saw somebody dressed in smart white attire cutting through what looked like a roasted pig.

I then realised that they were having a hog roast. I have seen hog roasts before but only on the television, I had never before got this close to one. I could hear people talking and I decided I was being quite rude staring at all the strangers so I made my way back in the direction I had just come.

I knew what I was going to do for my wife’s 50th birthday now. I found a catering specialist in Longbenton and gave them a call. First I asked them what a hog roast machine was.

I always thought that the pig was impaled on a large pole and cooked over a flame but I was quickly informed that this process what known as spit roasting, not hog roasting.

The person from the catering company told me that a hog roast machine is a bit like a large oven, and that the pig is placed inside it on a tray. That’s the machine I had seen in the garden earlier.

I told them that I’m not the best cook in the world and that my wife does most of it for me, but as it’s her birthday we can’t be having that! My fears were quickly allayed and I was reassured than even the most novice of chefs such as myself can operate a machine, not that I would even have to.

They told me that their specially trained staff would do everything for me! I was very pleased with what I heard and so I decided to book their services immediately. The next week my wife’s birthday came around and I was able to keep my plans a secret from her.

She was so surprised and happy when all of her friends and family turned up. The catering service came soon after and they were dressed impeccably smart.

They did everything; they brought the meat, all the accompaniments and even operated the machine for me.

All I had to do was keep the guests company. That glorious smell that I had been fixated by a week ago was now coming from my garden, and I noticed my neighbours stop and stare at us as I had done before.

By the time the pig was ready, we were all starving. The pig was brought out from the machine and placed on the table. Nobody could take their eyes off it. It was a brilliant centrepiece.

I watched as the pig was sliced into pieces with a large knife, the meat sliced perfectly, it almost fell off. We all queued up in a line waiting patiently as we were served the meat and then helped ourselves to vegetables and roasted potatoes.

Because it was like a buffet we could all get as much food as we wanted. By the time everyone had finished, none of us were hungry any more.

There was still plenty of food left, so we had the rest for our lunch the next day. None of it went to waste. My wife was thrilled with everything.

She’s normally the one who has to sort out all the stressful arrangements for a party so it was good to see her relax whilst the catering team did everything for her. The meat was superb and I would definitely choose hog roast event catering again.

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