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The nation’s capital is obviously a very large place and is bigger than many imagine. In reality, it is many different districts and towns all rolled into one giant city of millions of people, making it a world class city.

Wandsworth may just be one of the districts within the capital but the part it plays in the lives of the people who live and work there is no less significant.

The people of Wandsworth are no different to anyone else in the capital, or indeed the rest of the United Kingdom, so when it comes to arranging special functions and events, the same aims, hopes and inevitable dilemmas come to the surface.

Finding a great location to host the event is an obvious priority but sorting out the catering has to come a very close second.

After all, everybody loves their food and party food in particular is something that everybody looks forward to with great anticipation at events. It is unfortunately a very frequent disappointment as the catering is so often a complete catastrophe.

Lacklustre, bland and boring are some of the more repeatable descriptions that people often give for event catering. It must be a big letdown for the event organiser but also a disappointment for the guests, too.

If they were important guests at a corporate event, it is unlikely they will be impressed. It’s at times like this that Taste the Cracklin catering would have been a good option.

Hindsight is of course a great thing, so why wait to experience it when you can pre-empt a catering disaster by avoiding it in the first place? All it takes is a hog roast hire Wandsworth caterer and you can immediately stop worrying about the food, because they will ensure your event will go swimmingly.

So why should you make your event a Taste the Cracklin hog roast event? Surely there are lots of other great catering options to choose from that offer the same benefits as hog roast?

Erm, no, not really. It really is in a class of its own when it comes to quality. You really would struggle to find a catering solution that offered quite the same degree of versatility, taste, visual appeal and freshly cooked greatness that hog roast gives you.

They say first impressions count, and with hog roast catering, that is most definitely true. Book a Taste the Cracklin chef for your event and one of the very first things your guests are going to see is the hog roast being cooked away on the hog roast machine.

It really is a splendid sight and one that really harks back to hog roast’s medieval days when it was first served. There is something very appealing about seeing a hog roast being cooked live.

It really enhances the whole event experience. People love it. They will also love the Taste the Cracklin machine, our very own development to help not cook the whole pig but to provide a cooking platform to show off the whole pig. Of course, the machine can accommodate different meats such as beef, lamb or chickens but there is nothing quite like a pig!

Hog Roast Wandsworth – Leaders In Our Field

One of the other things that your guests will love is the incredible aromas produced by the hog roast. These aromas are some of the most incredible you will experience from a cooking piece of meat…but be warned, they are very addictive!

And all this before you or your guests have even tasted a single piece of meat. When you do, you can guarantee that it will be one of the most enjoyable taste sensations you will have experienced, and quite simply the very best tasting event catering you will ever have enjoyed. All that great flavour is wonderful but it is certainly not there by accident!

A lot of work has gone into producing meat of that quality. The chef will have chosen the pig on a number of factors, ensuring that it is just right for your event. Only quality, locally bred pigs are chosen and always from a great supplier.

Proper cooking is essential and this is where the chef really works hard, cooking your Wandsworth pig for a full six hours until it is absolutely perfect with incredible juicy meat and the crispiest crackling. It’s a long time to cook but is worth every second.

Of course, you can choose the old catering options if you really want, but if you want to make a good impression, make it a Wandsworth hog roast event.

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