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The West Midlands is a county which is landlocked – lying just west of the centre of England.

As a place it is highly eclectic in many ways, shapes and forms. First and foremost, the area itself only occupies a very small area in terms of the ground it occupies – however there is a large poulation density.

In Areas such as Wroxhall, for example, the population density is very large – however, the area is exceptinally competent at maintaining an aor of inherent cleanliness and relaxation – uncommon for a place with so many inhabitants – just as in the case of Birmingham.

Birmingham is one of the most populated cities within the United Kingdom, typified by its major city centre – the home of the ‘Bull-Ring’ shopping centre.

Birmingham is a prime example of the country’s heavily industrialised past – displaying the main reason behind the large population density within the West Midlands County and region.

Edgbaston is a famous hub of cricket – arguably one of Britains oldest and most loved sports. At the numerous cricket engagements which occur in glorious, leafy confines of Edgbaston, we often serve our glorioous hog and spit roast food – much to the delight of all. Fitting in neatly with the laid back and relaxed approach of cricket – our food isn’t rushed.

Instead, especially at locations such as Handworth and Hoxley, we arrive 6 hours beforehand, so we can carefully prepare the hog, place it onto the spit and then slowly roast over delicate and dancing flames – what a joy!

At Arundelour services are always in demand – as the people of the West Midlands County and region certainly love our slow roasted whole meats, cooked to their liking. Here at Hog Roast Catering, we pride ourselves in knowing we have constantly been providing the best hog roasts around.

With over 15 years experience, we aim to always provide the good people of the West Midlands with a top class hog roast and barbecue service and are happy to announce that we have many party holders return to us time and time again.

So why not have a look further around the website to find out for yourselves what makes Hog Roast Catering such an excellent choice for your next catered event.

Our aim is to try and please the many residents of the black country, so why you be the next one who tries our fantastic service. It doesn’t matter what size you want to be catered for, we will guarantee that we deliver the finest tasting food available at a more than reasonable cost.

Down the years we have successfully catered for thousands of people, but will be more than happy if you just need to feed a handful of people. There also isn’t a type of event we will not cover, be it a wedding, garden party or large corporate event,we promise to deliver a fist rate service to you and your guests every time. You will not be disappointed by the menus we have to offer, while we are famous for our delicious and mouth watering hog roasts, we also offer a full range of tasty options.

You can choose to have turkey or venison, all of which are completely delicious. You can even decide what side dished and deserts you want with your main meal too, from fresh salads and coleslaw to our scrumptious apple pies and freshly bake rolls.

No matter how you decide you want the menu to look, we will always provide you with the tastiest meal you can bt anywhere and give you an event that you will truly remember.

Taste the Cracklin will also provide you with a team of fully trained and hugely experienced chefs who will cook all the food from fresh right in front of your eyes.

If you require so, we will also provide your party with friendly and helpful waiting on staff to serve your food to your guests in the most professional and polite manner around, all to make sure your day is as stress free as possible, so you can relax and enjoy your event just as much as your guests will. We really do everything we can to make sure your next catered event with us is the best it can be.

Whether you are after the most extravagant buffet menu, or just serving a simple hog in a bun to a dozen or so people anywhere in the West Midlands, we are happy to help. Take a look at our full range of menu options to see just how many different ways we can serve you.

Another area that we take a lot of pride in is our use of only the finest, freshest ingredients, all sourced form our famous countryside. As you taste one of our succulent hog roasts that have been made from the finest, ethically produced pigs along with our organic fresh vegetables, you will understand from the taste alone why we believe so much in supporting our local agricultural community.

Once you then see all these ingredients cooked right in front of your eyes, you will see why we have gained such an excellent reputation through the years for providing truly exceptional food and what separates us from the other catering services in the area.

Not only is our food delicious, but how we cook it really is what sets us are from our competition. If you have never seen or smelt a pig getting slowly roasted to mouth-watering perfection on one of our specially designed machines, then it really is something you need to experience.

Not only will you be impressed, we are sure it will leave your guests astounded and will be talking about it for a long toime after your event has finished. So why not take a look around our website and give us a call to arrange your next catered hog roast event with us.

We will be happy to help you with any enquires big or small and strongly believe once you have gone with us once, you will want to keep on returning to Hog Roast Event Catering to cater for your events many more times in the future.

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