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Ever heard the phrase ‘happy accident’? Well, it is certainly something that applies to me. I used to be a really fussy eater when I was a child and I was pretty much the same into my mid twenties, but that all changed one Christmas when I was at a work night out.

It was a big affair with a raffle, secret Santa…the works. There was even a hog roast on, which made a change from a turkey. Now, I was never a big fan of Christmas nights out and I had never ever tried hog roast before and I was not going to that night….so somebody told that it was beef barmcakes that we were having (for those that did not like or could not eat pork).

Well, I believed them and started to tuck in to my ‘beef’ barmcake. Well, it was brilliant, though it did not taste very beefy. I went up the hog roast chef and asked where the beef was because I was hoping to get seconds.

When he explained I had actually been eating hog roast, I was amazed. It really was a superb taste. I got another helping and enjoyed that one even more. I could already sense a change of career coming on.

There you go, that is pretty much how I was inspired to become a hog roast hire Whitwick caterer. I am now in the lucky position of serving the people of this Leicestershire village with some of the best tasting catering food known to man.

Well, I think so. I must admit though, when I first became a hog roast Whitwick caterer, I was not really aware of the hard work that actually goes in to making a hog roast event. Well, I certainly do now. It is a lot of hard work and I suspect that not a lot of people realise just how much hard work is actually involved.

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Preparing for any hog roast event really takes some planning on my part. A lot depends on the nature of the event but each requires a lot of work. Hog roast is a big meal so it really is a big job, especially if it is a wedding. I must admit that one of the favourite aspects of my job is serving hog roasts at weddings as they always look fantastic.

Bringing in a hog roast hire Whitwick caterer for a wedding is a relatively recent phenomenon but it is something that is really catching on with more and more newly wed couples opting for one of my special wedding hog roasts.

These really are something quite special, with lots of options available, but the one constant is how wonderful my gourmet hog roast meal looks as a wedding breakfast main course.

All the meat is carved just right and it really would grace any wedding breakfast. I think a lot of people stick their noses up at the thought of hog roast for a wedding meal but they quite obviously have not seen how utterly brilliant hog roast can look when served in a formal manner.

Of course, being the hog roast Whitwick caterer doesn’t mean I just do weddings, I have catered for many sort of occasion from big garden parties to big birthday celebrations in the pub.

For these, I am often asked to serve my delicious hog roast rolls or ‘pig in a bun’, which is really the most deliciousness you can squeeze between two bits of bread! A good helping of hog roast meat, a bit of crispy crackling and some apple sauce makes for the ultimate in party food.

Hog roast really does seem to be getting very popular Over the last few years I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of bookings I am getting. It’s good news because it not only keeps me busy but it means that the days of really sad and boring old catering options are coming to an end, and I certainly don’t think anyone will be sad to see the back of those.

I know that when people come up me once they have eaten y hog roast, they are always delighted with the food. That is not something that you get when you have been serving people with lukewarm cheese and tomato pizzas and tuna sandwiches all night.

I am delighted to share the great flavour of hog roast with Whitwick and I hope that you too can share it with me soon!

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