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I’m a member of the hog roast Wilton catering team in what must surely be the most desirable place to live in Britain!. The engineering marvel that is Rolls Royce was born and prospered here.

There’s never a dull moment working for us here: on top of our regular presence at private parties and corporate hospitality events, the town hosts a number of festivals every year which we provide catering for; happily, word has spread about our hog roast Wilton and our commitment to the highest possible standards.

Using the thermostat on our machines allows us to control the heat so you can chose to have the meat finished by a certain time, or use the ovens to keep food warm.

Underneath the main spit roasting section of the oven is a handy shelf which can be used for cooking our barbecue option which consists of things such as burgers and sausages, kebabs and juicy spare ribs we can also cook things to accompany your main course a great thing that is used very often for seasonal vegetables and jacket potatoes.

Depending on the size of the oven you hire, these hard working machines can cook up to 90lbs of meat on the spit roast or up to 35 rotisserie chickens or turkeys at any one time.

For a great meal perfectly cooked on a professional machine you really can’t find better.

It’s fair to say we haven’t had the most sizzling of summers weather-wise, but for the most part the gods smiled upon the annual Wilton fayre this year.

Want To Impress Your Guests? Look No Further in Hog Roast Wilton!

As with any occasion, we had the whole operation finely-honed so that waiting was kept to a minimum for both the ‘gig’ racers after their exertions, and the revellers with rumbling bellies!

There’s something deep-rooted and communal about the way people respond to the sight of succulent roast pork being carved and the satisfying crunch of beautifully-rendered crackling.

It’s equally pleasing to know that your attention and care is central to this shared experience. As the sun set, I took in the gorgeous view across the peak district and a listened to the contented buzz among those gathered, both young and old.

The location and scenery make Wilton a popular wedding venue, so indoors our out, rain or shine, we’re always prepared for the call to provide not only a quality catering service and delicious food, but a memorable sensory experience for our customers.

Arriving early with fresh, locally-sourced animals is all part of the ritual. Once the hog roast hire Wilton begins to kick in and that aroma starts to drift through the party, you can sense the anticipation rising.

We work to our customers’ specifications for each event, so we make sure that all your needs are catered for, whether it’s a vegetarian buffet, cooking other meats or party food for children.

Last week we took our summer barbecue menu to a leaving party for a local couple who will be emigrating to New Zealand.

Happily, after coming back for seconds, thirds, and probably fourths, their neighbour was so impressed that we’ll be setting up next door at the end of September for their son’s 21st birthday!

There were a few downpours through the afternoon, but with the gazebo set up the party went on unabated, and we were able to pass on some of our spit roasting expertise to the guests (though not too much…)

A hog roast is a focal point for any gathering, much as I imagine the forest camp fires of lore used to be. We work exceptionally hard, but it’s a genuine pleasure to be a key part of what makes an occasion special. If you’re still to experience the wonder of a hog roast Wilton, why not call us for your next bash and we are sure to please your guests with some fantastic food?

Whether you want to provide a filling snack in a bread roll for friends, or lay on a sumptuous buffet with a generous multi-course meal, take a look at our range of menu options; we prepare crisp salads and a range of classic and innovative side dishes, as well as vegetarian options.

A feast for the eyes, a crackling symphony for the ears and a reverie for the nose, the thread that runs through all our work is a commitment to meat that is cooked and served in a manner most conducive to enticing presentation and untouchable flavour. Sound good? Drop hog roast Wilton a line and we’ll do the rest.

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