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Is there a more intense one on one sport than that of tennis? To watch those incredibly long five set games on TV that seem to go on forever is hard work enough, but the physical effort required by the players in the most matches is something else. People like Federer and Nadal seem to go on for hours seemingly unaffected by the demands that are placed on them. Makes some football players look pretty weak.

Of course, everyone knows that the spiritual home of tennis is right here in the United Kingdom. Wimbledon has to be the classic tennis championship.

Think of the many stars who have graced these courts in years gone by and there are some real characters. Agassi, Navratilova, Leconte, Nastase, Connors and many more. Some real sporting heroes. But it is quite easy to forget that the championships take up only two weeks of the year.

The other fifty weeks and this area goes back to being what it has always been, a residential area in the south west of the capital. Yes, Wimbledon is where people live and you don’t have to play tennis to stay here!

One thing that could be pretty useful for those people that live here is a taste for hog roast because it seems that Wimbledon is the latest in a long line of United Kingdom locations to have developed a taste for this old Medieval feast. Anyone for a hog roast Wimbledon party?

You may be wondering what all the fuss is about with hog roast but if you have never tasted or experienced the delights of hog roast hire Wimbledon catering before then it really would be quite helpful for you if I share a few of the secrets that have made it the nation’s fastest growing catering solution.

The first reason why the hog roast Wimbledon event is becoming so popular could largely be explained by the absence of any credible catering alternatives, and certainly anything that comes close to the quality of a succulent hog roast. This is not a problem unique to this corner of the capital but a nationwide problem that has blighted event catering for decades.

Lousy food masquerading as catering has had its day because hog roast really does blow all the old solutions away. Hog roast is freshly cooked, looks incredible and tastes amazing; three descriptions that could not be applied to most other catering options.

Then you have to consider what you are going to benefit from bringing in a hog roast hire Wimbledon caterer, or rather what you stand to lose! That’s right, because the hog roast caterer is going help you lose all the stress and angst that normally accompanies the organiser of any special occasion.

Choose A Formal Or Casual Catering Style For Your Event in Wimbledon

Organising catering can be a real melting pot of stress, so why put up with it if you can bring in someone to do it for you – and do it brilliantly? The hog roast caterer will become your best buddy by taking all responsibility from you and delivering exceptional quality food for all your guests. And it really is exceptional.

Whether you have chosen to go informal with the delightful ‘pig in a bun’ option or are going upmarket with gourmet hog roast, the caterer takes care of it all, leaving you with some remarkable tasting food and your guests with fantastic memories of (for once) some delicious Wimbledon event catering, with no strawberries or cream in sight!

There are some more common sense and practical reasons for choosing hog roast as your catering option, and in these tough financial times, they are certainly worth bearing in mind.

We are all watching the pennies these days and that means making very careful decisions with what you opt for. Fortunately, if not a little surprisingly, hog roast is one of the best value catering options available.

Yes, it is certainly not the cheapest Wimbledon option but it simply has to be the best quality per pound spent…and with a standard sized whole pig capable of serving over a hundred diners, it really is a feast that delivers on amazing quality and amazing quantity. If you have a budget and a big list of guests, hog roast is perfect.

Serving your guests with anything less than amazing catering really just isn’t on, so make sure that you go to the fifth set and really serve up championship winning catering. With a Wimbledon hog roast caterer, you really are going to serve up an ace of an event

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