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Time for a new hog roast machine?

Friday, July 5th, 2013

A very warm welcome back to the blog of the hog! We hope that you are all well and fighting fit.
Talking of fighting fit, how is that hog roast machine of yours? If you are a caterer or a home hog roast enthusiast, you will be wanting to make sure that your shiny machine is in good condition so that it keeps on producing you some delicious hog roast. But what if all is not well and your hog roasting pride and joy is not quite firing on all cylinders? Maybe it’s time to get your machine serviced as that can help rectify many minor issues. Then again, if your machine is an old one then it may be just time to consider investing in a replacement.
Let’s face it, it is going to happen one day but maybe you are feeling now is as good a time as any? If so then you will certainly not be short on some fantastic options. In fact our latest Platinum range of hog roast machines could be the perfect replacement for your ailing machine. If you have not had a good long look at the Platinums then we think that you will be very impressed because they offer a an awful lot.
For a start you are getting one of the largest capacities on the market, as well as the really useful dual cooking option, fantastic for cooking two different meats in your machine. And what about dual heating controls for the perfectly cooked pig? There are even our heated gastronomes which are just ideal for cooking soup or keeping gravy and stuffing piping hot. Not forgetting that the Platinum range does look rather sexy, if you can say such a thing about a hog roast cooker! Go on, take a look at the latest models and give us a call if you need any assistance.

Fake tan and hog roast? It must be prom night!

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Good morning from the hog blog! I thought it would be a good idea to tell you one of the great new ways that you as hog roast caterers can generate a bit more business in the April and May period. It will be doing something that many of you may already be familiar with but others may yet to encounter this decidedly American phenomenon that seems to gaining popularity in the UK. I am of course talking about the school prom.
Now, I am far too proud to give my age away but I cannot recall anything like a school prom taking place in my last few weeks at school. Yes, there were was a bit of a meet up one night with everyone and few people had their shirts signed but this is a far cry from what happens now. The school prom looks like big business in anyone’s eyes with some girls hiring incredibly posh dresses and all the lads getting a smart suit. Then there are the cars that people turn up in. It is quite an eye opener with stretched limos and Bentleys a common sight at these events.
As for the evening itself, it usually revolves around a nice venue where some lovely food is served, and this is where some of you are already familiar with proms as quite a few have been choosing gourmet Hog Roast Bristol . A wise choice, I think you will all agree! So it does seem as though there are lots of opportunities at these Prom events for hog roast caterers to generate some bookings and get a taste of what leaving school in the twenty first century is actually like. As for me, well I just wish that I was 16 again. That way I could enjoy the posh clothes, the posh car and of course the great food!

Dilemma about the catering

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

I have just returned from a quite brilliant few days away from it all at a friend’s wedding. What a great tie it was, and the most amazing thing of all is that I helped to organise it! Okay so there may not be anything too startling about that but, too be honest, I struggle to organise my own sock drawer let alone a wedding. I guess what I am really trying to say is that I made a few phone calls to the incredible Hog Roast Bristol people and, well…that’s it. The rest is history.
I really am hopeless at organising stuff, so when my best pal asked me to help out with sorting out the wedding breakfast, I went quite pale. The thought of trying to sort everything out made me feel quite ill. I had no idea what to do, until I spoke to a work colleague who mentioned just four words to me. ‘Hog roast’s a winner’, she said. She explained that she had been to a wedding the previous summer and the couple had chosen hog roast. Initially she was worried because, let’s face it, people normally play it safe and have something boring. But she went on to say that it was fantastic and the people who organised it were just great, looking after everything. This all sounded like the perfect solution to me so I put to the couple to be. At first they were worried that people would not like it but they came round to the idea and actually really liked the idea of doing something different. It was a triumph and everybody loved it.
If you are ever in my position and are faced with that age old dilemma about the catering, don’t panic. Just bring in the hog roast squad and you simply won’t regret it. It almost makes me want to get married!

Any excuse for a hog roast!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Do you ever wake up and think what is there happening this week that is going to liven up what is looking like being a rather uneventful month? I do all the time, in fact this morning was just one of those sorts of days where you just wish you had something to put a spring in your step. Well, you do not really need an excuse for a party, you just need the get up and go to arrange it.

Let’s face it, everyone loves the lift that a good night out gives people. It can really give everyone a boost and put a smile on people’s faces…and with a Hog Roast Bristol you are sure to be looking to a good night ahead. We all know just how fantastic hog roast is at being the ultimate in party food, so why not get organising a special event just for the sake of it? And before you come out with that old excuse ‘nobody will be bothered about coming’, think again. In fact why not post something on your Facebook page and see what the response is. We think that you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

You don’t have to book an expensive venue with a hog roast, in fact why not get set up in the back garden, get some beers in, get your DJ friend mixing some great sounds and you will be ready to go. Hog roast is great for these house held events and it could be a great way to catch up with old friends and new…as well as enjoying some of the best tasting meat around, of course!  So, no more excuses. If you are looking for an event to perk up the month ahead, don’t feel sorry yourself, create an event and look forward to a great night of top food and brilliant friends!

Would you like to become the Hog Roaster?

Sunday, November 27th, 2011

Here at Hog Roast Catering we offer the chance for you to become a hog roaster. Becoming a hog roaster could have many advantages and benefits. We offer you great deals on hiring out our machinery and other equipment, or if you too even purchase your very own, brand new hog roast machine which will give you the opportunity to cook for friends and family in a simple yet beautiful way.

Hiring or purchasing one of our hog roast machines will mean that if you have a family event or a birthday party and want simple yet beautiful food, that you will be able to cook it with ease. If you wish to hire or purchase one of our hog roast machines you will also receive extra items to make things a little easier and may save you some money. We will drop off the machine at a time and place that suits you and you will be provided will all the required gas to cook your chosen meat. We will even provide you with meat if you can’t find the right meat you want. When the machine is delivered you will be spoken to by a trained hog roast chef so that you know everything you have to do and you will also be left with a how to guide.

Becoming the hog roaster, you will gain many benefits, you will get praise from your guests or from your family and also have that proud feeling that you have provided excellent smelling and tasting foods. So don’t hesitate any longer if you want to gain the satisfaction of creating wonderful food. Browse through the rest of our website today and find all the answers to everything you need to know.

Cooking large amounts of food has never been made easier. Hire or purchase a hog roast machine today.

We can cater for all types of events.

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

The hog roast can be used for many events as it is one of the simplest ways to cook the food for your event. Even though it may be one of the simplest ways to cook meet, the taste and juiciness of the meat when roasted in this way is divine. When cooking, the meats natural juices bastes the animal causing amazing smells that will fill the room and lets our guests into the aroma and start to build up excitement for the meal, which they won’t be disappointed by.

As we said, the hog roast can be used for a wide variety of events such as: Garden parties, barbeques, corporate functions, weddings and birthdays. The meat will provide each of your guests with a mouth watering meal leaving them wanting more due to the juices and tenderness of the meat and its accompaniments. If you wanted to prepare and cook the meals yourself, we offer a range of hog roasting machines for hire so that you receive the all the compliments and can take all the responsibility of it all. But if you don’t want to do it yourself then we have professional caterers that can do it.

We offer a wide range of menu’s so that you can find the right one for you, your guests and your events. We have great wedding menus and party menus so that you can find the perfect foods to accompany your event. Our experienced and highly professional team of staff only provides the highest quality products and create high standard meals so that not only you but your guests are satisfied too. We thrive one providing you and your guests with only the best plates of food using only the very best ingredients.

So don’t hesitate, if you want a hog roast for your event contact us or visit our website today for more details.

Are you having a big event and don’t know what food to serve? We have the answer.

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Hog roasts are becoming hugely popular, not just in the UK but all over the world. They provide each individual with amazing smelling and tasting food that everyone will enjoy. It’s easy and simple to make, all you will need is a hog roasting machine which you can acquire from us if you were wishing to hire the machine. If you are greatly satisfied with the food and the machine why not one of our hog roasting machines so that you can provide your guests with great food each time you have an event.

When it comes to catering for an even it can often be very difficult to choose what style or type of food you or your guests may want. We believe that we have made that choice easier with our hog roast. A hog roast can cater for a large amount of people at one time. If it’s a large event you are creating and it’s for a large amount of the day then the hog roast is perfect for you. A hog roast takes about 3-4 hours to full cook, this means that you could put the meat on to cook and leave it for the 3-4 hours as it doesn’t need checking that often like many other foods.

We also provide caterers with our hog roasting service, this is so if you are having a large event and you don’t have time to be in charge of the food we have a wide variety of staff that can help you with everything. We have qualified and experienced chefs that will cook and prepare the food whilst we also offer waiters to help the food get to your customers and a wide variety of extra’s depending on the menu you were to pick.

A hog roast could be the perfect solution to your catering needs.

Have the perfect meal this Christmas!

Thursday, November 3rd, 2011

When it comes to Christmas many people choose to spend with the whole family which then someone has to create the Christmas dinner for everyone, which takes a large amount of time, time that they could spend with their family instead of in the kitchen. Here at Hog Roast Catering w have the perfect answer for these types of situations. A hog roast could offer you and your many opportunities to spend more time together on this joyous occasion. Once the meat is put on to cook everything is done, just leave the meat to cook and spend the time opening presents and making memories with your loved ones.

Cooking meat on a hog roast is easy and simple. Once the meat is the machine, you can leave it alone for 3-4 hours giving everyone plenty of time to spend the day together. A hog roast can cater for a large amount of people so it’s a definite that nobody will be going hungry in your family this Christmas. Our hog roasting machines can roast many different types of meet thus giving you everything you need to satisfy your family. We also provide a service that if you can’t find the meat you want; we are close with companies that can supply you a wide array of meats.

Hiring out a hog roasting machine will be a great investment this Christmas. You will receive beautiful smelling and tasting food for the whole family thus keeping everyone happy. And if you wish to purchase one for other events you may have the year, it may be easier buying one of our hog roasting machines ensuring that you have wonderful food all year round for every event.

Don’t hold back this Christmas, hiring or buying a hog roasting machine will give you wonderful tasting and smelling food every time.

Make your event unique with our wonderful hog roast.

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Are you having a corporate event? Do you want simple yet beautiful food? Then look no further than hog roasts catering. We have an array of mouth watering foods are almost definite to bring your team together and leave them feeling fantastic.

The hog roast catering has devised 5 menus of the most indulgent spit and hog roasted meats they have to serve in corporate events and then the meal will be made complete with a range of tasty and amazing looking deserts. Not only are they succulent and juicy but also beautifully presented and your team will not go away unhappy and or disappointed.

With qualified and experienced chefs cooking your food you will not be disappointed with either the preparation, execution or the serving of the meal. However, if you want the satisfaction of preparing your own food for your event, then why not hire one of our hog roast machines, where you will be able to receive more compliments and praise from your guests, and if this goes well, then why not invest in buying the hog roast machine, so you can get this much praise in more events.

Booking your hog roast feast shouldn’t be a last minute decision. Let your guests be greeted by a spit roast suckling pig or a spit roast BBQ, not only will it look and smell amazing it will set your guests in a fantastic mood and, when it comes down to it, taste amazing too.

Mouth-watering morsels to tempt even the most demanding taste buds.

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

What can only be described as a culinary masterpiece, the hog roast is without a doubt one of the most splendid and opulent taste sensations known to man. Steeped deeply within our heritage and history here within Britain, hog roasts often provided the centrepiece of many a royal banquet and when cooked properly, to perfection, offers even today, a sensory smorgasbord of tastes and aromas that is also terribly appealing to the eye too.

A flexible and diversely applicable choice of feast, the hog roasts provided by a number of quality hog roast caterers in today’s industry are bred to offer simply delicious cuts of meat, plump, succulent and flavoursome, providing the perfect catering choice for so many different events and special occasions from corporate events to weddings, birthdays and even informal gatherings such as bachelor parties!

The presence and vision that a hog roast catering service presents is quite overwhelming, after all hogs are not the smallest of creatures and cooking one requires something a little larger than your average patio BBQ range. Many of today’s professional hog roasters feature viewing panels that allow you to watch this incredible event unfolding and nothing can be said for the awesome aromas that scintillate the senses, causing a hunger that is sure to be satisfied with some of the finest meaty morsels and terrific flavours.

Booking your hog roast shouldn’t be a last minute decision, so in order to avoid disappointment; the advice is to arrange your hog roast catering service the sooner the better.