Hog Roast Driffield – Wedding Event

Hog Roast Driffield were honoured to be asked to cater in the early evening for a very large and prestigious outdoor wedding party held in the grounds of a luxury hotel in the area and with over 400 guests that would be attending.  Here at Hog Roast Driffield, we clearly understand that a couple’s wedding is […]

Garden Party With Hog Roast Carterton

A highly important part of any event or party planning is finding the right caterers, who need to be reliable and professional and provide you and your guests with tasty, high-quality food. When those caterers also offer affordable culinary options too, you’ve hit the jackpot – and as it happens, Hog Roast Carterton are all […]

Bank Holiday Hog Roast Aldcliffe for a Hiking Group

At Hog Roast Aldcliffe, we love adding a bit of spice to annual traditions by providing an alternative dining experience that still fits in with the spirit of the event. This was certainly true this bank holiday weekend when we were asked by Richard and Elaine, the ringleaders of a 20-strong local hiking group, to […]

Hog Roast Bristol – Anniversary

It was a Saturday night at Hanham community centre, in Bristol and Jill had booked Hog Roast Bristol to cater for her parents anniversary. The community centre is a lovely place to hold such an event, being on the high street means it’s easy access for people to get too. Jill had invited all the […]

50th Birthday – Hog Roast Ossett

Last Saturday I threw my father a 50th birthday party at my local hotel here in Ossett. Although I enjoy the tranquil, endless country side of the village, I never refuse a good party. After hosting parties for quite some time, I decided I wanted to hire a caterer to feed my hungry guests so […]

Hog Roast Kelfield – Birthday Party!

At Hog Roast Kelfield whenever we cater we always take with us a pile of calling cards showing whom we are and what we do and at nearly every single event we always get a call back from one or more of the guests. We have people coming back to us time and time again, […]

Hog Roast In Didcot – 25th Wedding Anniversary

Anniversaries are a great reason to have a party and a great way to gather all of your friends and family to celebrate together. We recently catered for a wonderful couples 50th anniversary who opted for a Hog Roast in Didcot. Michael and Jane, who have been together 31 years, married for 25, always love […]

Hog Roast in Keighley – 30th birthday party for twins

You wouldn’t think that spring was just around the corner when looking out of the window at the moment, but that doesn’t stop a hog roast in Keighley going ahead! Last week we attended an event for Tim and Alex, twin brothers who opted to have their 30th party at their family house in Keighley. […]

Wedding With Hog Roast Wisbech!

At Hog Roast Wisbech, whether we are catering for a small private party or a large-scale wedding, we always offer the finest food and services. Early this year, we were contacted by Yvonne and John to cater for their wedding. With over 70 guests attending, we were ready to make a master buffet. One of […]

Engagement Party With Hog Roast Elswick

There’s nothing quite like munching away on high-quality nosh cooked for you by professionals who have been successfully feeding the UK for more than thirty years. However, it’s even better when that nosh is a locally-sourced, free-range, slow-roasted hog that’s been cooked in front of you for hours and hours until the meat falls straight […]

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