Getting the Grill out On National Barbecue Week at Taste the Cracklin

Taste the CracklinAs much as we at Taste the Cracklin are primarily hog roast caterers, we cannot beat a good barbie too. It’s a staple of the British summertime, and with so many brilliant dishes to come out of it we would be remiss to not be a part of it too. Plus,  we see it as something of a cousin to our namesake hog roast; it’s still got fresh meats, it’s still a culinary style made for the outdoors, and it is still simple yet stylish looking and delicious! To that end, we have had our gourmet barbecue menu for many years now, and we even add our signature hog roast as an option too for some delicious, freshly pulled pork straight from the finished roast.

With us finally crossing into June we had a customer this past week lucky enough to be first in line for the first Taste the Cracklin barbecue of the official summer season. Daisy Laird had called up Taste the Cracklin several weeks back to ask for our barbecue menu for her husband’s 48th birthday at the beginning of June. He loves grilling and barbecuing himself, so she thought why not get one of the best caterers with their own masterful barbecue and grill to come out and give him a full menu of all that he loves. She also asked if it would be okay for him to get behind the grill for a bit in advance which of course was absolutely fine by our chef in service. We hire out our mobile roasting machines anyway, so if this was a way to give him a tease for what he could have then that is fine by us!

Daisy’s husband was delighted with the surprise, and was actually also pleasantly surprised to hear that his birthday fell within the annually celebrated national barbecue week, making his birthday menu all the more important. His favourite dish was our homemade burgers, which he also came back to on his third round to ask if he could top it with our pulled pork as well. The higher the roll towers the better, we say, so have at it!

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