Time for a new hog roast machine?

A very warm welcome back to the blog of the hog! We hope that you are all well and fighting fit. Talking of fighting fit, how is that hog roast machine of yours? If you are a caterer or a home hog roast enthusiast, you will be wanting to make sure that your shiny machine […]

Fake tan and hog roast? It must be prom night!

Good morning from the hog blog! I thought it would be a good idea to tell you one of the great new ways that you as hog roast caterers can generate a bit more business in the April and May period. It will be doing something that many of you may already be familiar with […]

Dilemma about the catering

I have just returned from a quite brilliant few days away from it all at a friend’s wedding. What a great tie it was, and the most amazing thing of all is that I helped to organise it! Okay so there may not be anything too startling about that but, too be honest, I struggle […]

Any excuse for a hog roast!

Do you ever wake up and think what is there happening this week that is going to liven up what is looking like being a rather uneventful month? I do all the time, in fact this morning was just one of those sorts of days where you just wish you had something to put a […]

Would you like to become the Hog Roaster?

Here at Hog Roast Catering we offer the chance for you to become a hog roaster. Becoming a hog roaster could have many advantages and benefits. We offer you great deals on hiring out our machinery and other equipment, or if you too even purchase your very own, brand new hog roast machine which will […]

We can cater for all types of events.

The hog roast can be used for many events as it is one of the simplest ways to cook the food for your event. Even though it may be one of the simplest ways to cook meet, the taste and juiciness of the meat when roasted in this way is divine. When cooking, the meats […]

Have the perfect meal this Christmas!

When it comes to Christmas many people choose to spend with the whole family which then someone has to create the Christmas dinner for everyone, which takes a large amount of time, time that they could spend with their family instead of in the kitchen. Here at Hog Roast Catering w have the perfect answer […]

Make your event unique with our wonderful hog roast.

Are you having a corporate event? Do you want simple yet beautiful food? Then look no further than hog roasts catering. We have an array of mouth watering foods are almost definite to bring your team together and leave them feeling fantastic. The hog roast catering has devised 5 menus of the most indulgent spit […]

Mouth-watering morsels to tempt even the most demanding taste buds.

What can only be described as a culinary masterpiece, the hog roast is without a doubt one of the most splendid and opulent taste sensations known to man. Steeped deeply within our heritage and history here within Britain, hog roasts often provided the centrepiece of many a royal banquet and when cooked properly, to perfection, […]