A hog roast could just be the perfect icing on the cake for your wedding.

One thing that never fails to surprise me is just how well received our hog roasting is, despite the variation in the events we cater at and the sort of people we’re catering for. If food were linguistics then hog roasting would be the undisputed universal language. Take this past week as an example, I’ve been in Middlesbrough getting my hands dirty and in no legitimate order we’ve catered for 2 weddings, a birthday party, a christening, a business meeting and a corporate function. For every event we received nothing but positive feedback from our customers and their guests, this despite the fact the menus for each event were different, as were the demographics of the people we were catering for.

Perhaps it’s just me and I might have underlying problems with ego but there’s nothing more rewarding than getting on the road and in the thick of it, and I think it’s partly for all the praise I hear. Something about seeing the enjoyment and happiness written across people’s faces, it’s more rewarding than any written feedback by Email or phone.

This week will be no different as I’m again in Middlesbrough and have a number of hog roast catering jobs – some large, some small – lined up. One job in particular will be a first for me as we’re catering at an Indian wedding, with an expected 300(Yes – three hundred) people in attendance. It’s rare for me to get those nervous feelings of anticipation but I’m excited about this one. I’ve worked closely with the couple and their families (The brides Grandmother knows a thing or two about cooking, let me tell you) to create an Indian-flavoured menu. We’ve played around some in the kitchen with a few ideas and I’m sure we’ll find a way to incorporate a few of the dishes created for this event into our set menus.

Anyway, my lunch break is nearly up so I’ll have to close here. As always, if you’re in need of the country’s best elite hog roasters for your big day don’t look past Hog Roast Event Caterers.

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