Hire a hog roast machine.

I’m back in Manchester this Friday, which is always good as it’s not too far from home and means I’ll probably be spending a long overdue night’s sleep in my own bed – a rare occasion these days.

Today I’ll be doing something I don’t do too often and that’s working the machine hire service. I’m spending the Morning/Afternoon with our driver Geoff, delivering and returning spit roast machines to and from clients. The job’s an easy one as Geoff will be doing all the work and I’ll mainly be observing, taking in feedback, showing new clients the benefits of our spit roast machines and looking for ways to optimise and improve the delivery/return aspect of our machine hire service.

We’ve got 4 machines to deliver and 2 to return. One of the machines being returned is from a restaurant owner who is upgrading from our Professional Spit Roast Machine to our Titan Machine. The Professional is the small of the machines we carry where as the Titan is the more powerful machine, able to cook more food and better suited for commercial use. I’m hoping the owner of the restaurant/head chef is around so that I can collect some feedback on our service and how the machine has helped their company and service.

After delivering and returning machines with our driver I’m penned in for an evening of hog roast catering for a rather large stag party at one of Manchester’s many clubs. It’s something a little different to what we’re used to, even though I’ve had experience catering for most occasions, and should be a great night to end the week. The number of guests eating isn’t much so we’re only taking 1 machine and 1 chef, serving a hog roast with stuffing, apple sauce on buns and also burgers, sausages and barbecued kebabs.

If you’re in need of a hog roast caterer in Manchester this December then you’re in luck, as there’s still plenty of free spaces. Have a look at our catering page and use our enquiry form if you would like a hog roast catering quote.

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