Our wedding catering could be the icing on the cake for you and your partner

If you have just proposed to your partner, organising a
wedding can take a very long time. The expense for doing this is often very
costly too. However, there is a solution when you are choosing to have your
reception in Oxford because we have vast experience of providing hog roast
catering in this area and in many more locations.


Our hog roast catering is able to supply a taste sensation
and this is very important when a substantial number of people are due to
attend your wedding reception. We recently provided hog roast catering to a
wedding reception in Oxford and it turned out to be a great success. The meats
which the bride and groom had chosen were not limited to just pig because we
are able to supply others too. The meats that they choose included turkey and
chicken but we did mention to them that we could supply others such as kebabs,
burgers and lamb. As the meat was cooked to perfection using our hog roast
machines, the scent that was provided at the venue which we were at was simply
outstanding. When the guests started to arrive as the bride and groom led them
into the venue, they soon started to salivate at what we were serving to their
fellow guests. The food which we served to them tasted even more sublime when
accompanied with apple sauce that we had also provided as well. As this wedding
reception wore on, the demand for our hog roast food never diminished and even
right at the very end of the reception there was still a steady queue which had
formed outside of our hog roast stand.


When the reception had ended and we were packing away our
machine and clearing up any rubbish, the bride and groom thanked us for the amazing
food which we had given them. They even mentioned that the price which we asked
for was also advantageous as this was within their budget. We find that this
reaction does not happen at an occasional social function but literally all
which we attend.

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