Read all about the ‘behind the scences’ of an average day of catering for events.

Hello and welcome to another of our famous Hog Blogs! In this part of our website, you can see just exactly what makes us hog roasters tick. Along with this, you can come along with us and see hog roasting ‘behind the scenes’ so to speak. As lovers of all things hog roast, we take great pride in what we do – so hope fully when you next have a Hog Roast in Newbury, you will have that bit more knowledge than your friends when it comes to what we do and how we do it.

Today we have had the pleasure of seeing one of our customers who happened to pop in and say hello to us. As is so often the case with hog roast and spit roast catered events that we conduct at the homes and locations of our clients – we become friends, instead of maintaining the standard business relationship. On seeing him again, we were quick to ask him whether he had eaten food as good as our since we catered for his sons 25th birthday – he assured us he hadn’t. By always keeping large amounts of attention to detail in all aspects of our service – we have never had a complaint. Along with this attention to detail is the sheer amount of love we put into our food – which, for me, is the crucial element that keeps us miles ahead of any of our competition.

This afternoon I have the pleasure of taking apart a number of our hog and spit roasting machines and servicing them. Although our specially adapted and specific machines are exceptionally reliable and great to look at – it is important that we always ensure they are working to 100% of their capacity. This way we know exactly how long our hogs and lambs will take to roast – as well as them looking in tip top condition for the full visual effect which the hog and spit roast brings to our customers. Always gleaming and free from emmissions – our machines are a integral part of our team and must be respected.

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