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Hi there folks! It’s another busy Monday morning and at minus 2 degrees outside I can’t wait to jump into work and get some hog roasts on the go! In an uncharacteristically great mood considering I was up at 5am, and raring to go.

Today I’ve been tasked with overseeing one of our teams who are catering for a big Wedding this afternoon. The wedding is for John and Kristine, soon to be Mr and Mrs Brown… Anyway, they must be doing something right as their guest list comes close to 200 people, which is a little out of the ordinary for a wedding, never mind a wedding on a Monday in November! But 200 people is no match for our hog roast catering, we can easily handle that number with just 1 machine, so i’m confident as always that the day will be perfect and the guests will enjoy our famous wedding food. 7am at the office and the sky looks a good’un, which makes a change from all the rain we’ve been having, so hopefully the weather stays the same and reflects a great wedding and a great hog roast.

Being recently married myself I’ve developed a soft spot for the ceremony of marriage so today should be an enjoyable event for myself and the customers. As the owner of the business one of the upsides is being able to pick which events I’m involved in based on personal preference and I always try to take weddings where I can 🙂 Anyway the wedding is in Carlisle at the Hallmark Hotel which I haven’t worked before, so should be fun – A change of scenery is always welcomed and it’s always good to build new business relationships, opening doors for potential offers for future clients who might still need a venue for their event.

We’ve got an uncharacteristically quiet December coming up so if you’re getting married or throwing a party be sure to have a look at our menus and get in touch.

That’s my morning coffee and blog post for the day, be sure to keep watch for future news and developments

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