Show your guests high class catering with a hog roast

Hog roast catering isn’t normally thought of as being a
superb catering option but many people beg to differ. Thanks to our vast
experience of helping a substantial number of social functions to be a complete
success, this has been especially true in the case of an anniversary party
which we recently assisted in Cambridge.


This anniversary party was being held in honour of a couple
who had been together for fifty years. They wanted to have all of their family
around them as they had several children, many grandchildren and even multiple
great grandchildren. When they had decided to choose us, we gave them a full
list of all the types of meat which we can offer to them. We mentioned to our
customers that we were not just able to provide hog but other meats too. These
include lamb, turkey, beef and chicken with kebabs, sausages and burgers also
provided. After giving them this list, they opted for sausages, pig and chicken
as they knew that not everybody who was due to attend would like hog.


The anniversary party was due to take place in a small
village hall. By being given the address for this hall many weeks in advance, I
headed there with many hours to spare. As soon as I arrived, I assembled my machine
and started to cook the meats which I had brought with me. As the meat started
to sizzle, my customers arrived and commented that they were looking forward to
tasting what I was cooking for their party.


When their guests turned up, they soon started to head
towards my hog roast stand. As their mouths began to salivate, I noticed that
many people returned for a second and third serving. This was largely due to not
just because of the scent which my hog roast food provides but the apple sauce
which I supplied as well.


As the anniversary party ended, my customers thanked me for
the wonderful food that I had provided for them and their guests with the price
which we had charged being within their budget.

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