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Good morning all, hope you all had an easy and enjoyable weekend, we had a great weekend(well, as great as a weekend of nonstop work can be!). We had several large jobs over the weekend, 2 on Saturday and 1 on the Sunday. Two of those were evening parties, both went great and we had plenty of interested guests enquiring about our machines and services, potentially a few clients to be had there – But we get a lot of interest when the beers flowing, the next morning reality seems to kick in and people realise buying a machine isn’t cheap, or sometimes even practical. Regardless, both parties were a treat to be a part of and everyone really enjoyed the hog and chicken roasts.

The biggest hog roast event of the weekend was catering in Lancaster for Lancaster City Football Club fans, players and management. We get quite a bit of interest from Rugby clubs for our hog roasts so it makes a nice change every now and then – even as a rugby man myself – to work at a football ground. We got a free game out of it and the sun was out again, which is always welcomed in late November! We don’t have an accurate headcount but I fancy there was a good 600 + at the game and we took 3 of our spit roast machines so everyone was fed. It’s always nice to take a step back from the more up market events and get back to basics once in a while and on Saturday in Lancaster it was pure unadulterated hog roasting. The menu was no-nonsense and we had a selection of spit roasted pig, chicken and lamb, as well as our famed barbecued gourmet sausages and burgers. Was mainly our snack menu which is perfect for breakfast or lunch and all the guests loved the sandwich rolls, some more than others with the pig getting ate very quickly – Although there were some heathens in the crowd calling for brown sauce!

All in all a great weekend with hopefully more to come this week

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