Early Season rush!

The season has begun with a bang, as all the catering teams have been rushed off their feet! As a chef of distinction myself, I have been paying my own part in a whole host of catering assignments this summer season, and have been loving every minute. The thing is, you rarely find a catering outfit like ours, or any other company for that matter; as we all believe wholeheartedly in the produce we utilise and the food we serve. In fitting with the vision and operating ethos of our company at its outset, the nature of our events hinge on total brilliance, with no stone left un-turned in the quest to find culinary magnificence. Where many caterers only work within a certain framework, our services have allowed us to cater for the whole breadth of Britain’s culinary expectations, and this summer, so far, has been no exception. Armed with ingredients which are purer than the thoughts of the highest Buddhist monk, we approach our events full of confidence and eager to deliver the food which has made us synonymous with culinary wonderment. These boasts are not unfounded, just pick up the phone, become involved and understand how and why. Where our food will put a smile on your face, our service will warm you r heart. Where the sands of time have weathered your brow, our hog and spit roast solutions will soothe and relax the most weary and stressed of your muscles. Come with us, we will lead you to food heaven. It’s a heaven on earth, and we have the key.

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