Enjoy a hog roast whenever you like by buying a hog roast machine.

Want the new BBQ experience? Then the Hog Roast machine is for you, providing the ultimate dining experience for both you and your guests.

The Titan and The Professional are two amazing designs of hog roasting machines available for sale. Even-though they are similar in what they do, both designs are different.

The Titan includes 4 pneumonic tyres with excellent steering system, 2 stainless serving panels, a glass viewing panel and much, much more. If you are a caterer or just want simple cooked food then look no further. If you want great design and manufacture then The Titan is for you. The framework is made from super-tough stainless steel which not only provides a beautiful exterior but also creates the ultimate durability.

The Professional hog roast machine creates the best way to enter the world of Spit roasts. The Professional machine is lighter and smaller than the more commercial models thus being easier to move or transport. As the professional is on a smaller scale its catering prowess is not compromised. Being able to barbeque, spit and hog roast allows the user to cook a variety of foods simultaneously.

With the option of next day delivery, if you are wishing t become the new, proud owner of a hog a spit roasting machine of excellent quality then you need only wait for a day.

So, for caterers and passionate home users, we offer only the very finest machinery in hog and spit roasting for your aspiration.

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