Fake tan and hog roast? It must be prom night!

Good morning from the hog blog! I thought it would be a good idea to tell you one of the great new ways that you as hog roast caterers can generate a bit more business in the April and May period. It will be doing something that many of you may already be familiar with but others may yet to encounter this decidedly American phenomenon that seems to gaining popularity in the UK. I am of course talking about the school prom.
Now, I am far too proud to give my age away but I cannot recall anything like a school prom taking place in my last few weeks at school. Yes, there were was a bit of a meet up one night with everyone and few people had their shirts signed but this is a far cry from what happens now. The school prom looks like big business in anyone’s eyes with some girls hiring incredibly posh dresses and all the lads getting a smart suit. Then there are the cars that people turn up in. It is quite an eye opener with stretched limos and Bentleys a common sight at these events.
As for the evening itself, it usually revolves around a nice venue where some lovely food is served, and this is where some of you are already familiar with proms as quite a few have been choosing gourmet Hog Roast Bristol . A wise choice, I think you will all agree! So it does seem as though there are lots of opportunities at these Prom events for hog roast caterers to generate some bookings and get a taste of what leaving school in the twenty first century is actually like. As for me, well I just wish that I was 16 again. That way I could enjoy the posh clothes, the posh car and of course the great food!