Dilemma about the catering

I have just returned from a quite brilliant few days away from it all at a friend’s wedding. What a great tie it was, and the most amazing thing of all is that I helped to organise it! Okay so there may not be anything too startling about that but, too be honest, I struggle to organise my own sock drawer let alone a wedding. I guess what I am really trying to say is that I made a few phone calls to the incredible Hog Roast Bristol people and, well…that’s it. The rest is history.
I really am hopeless at organising stuff, so when my best pal asked me to help out with sorting out the wedding breakfast, I went quite pale. The thought of trying to sort everything out made me feel quite ill. I had no idea what to do, until I spoke to a work colleague who mentioned just four words to me. ‘Hog roast’s a winner’, she said. She explained that she had been to a wedding the previous summer and the couple had chosen hog roast. Initially she was worried because, let’s face it, people normally play it safe and have something boring. But she went on to say that it was fantastic and the people who organised it were just great, looking after everything. This all sounded like the perfect solution to me so I put to the couple to be. At first they were worried that people would not like it but they came round to the idea and actually really liked the idea of doing something different. It was a triumph and everybody loved it.
If you are ever in my position and are faced with that age old dilemma about the catering, don’t panic. Just bring in the hog roast squad and you simply won’t regret it. It almost makes me want to get married!