wind in your sails

When it comes to event catering, we supply services which are the total and utter antithesis to the grey skies which pervade our society at the moment. With heavy cumulonimbus stacked high above the low lying cumulus layers which blanket the ground almost to the point of being head-height, the people of the country conduct their business below.

The weather is a strange phenomenon that the world of science still doesn’t completely understand. Wind, for example, is a bit of a strange one, so blustery and often a bit of a nuisance. Sailors, however, would argue that wind is exceptionally important, as for many years it was the only viable propellant at sea. With towering sails jutting high up into the skies like a graceful arm reaching up to part the cloud, these sails have allowed wonderful ships to circumnavigate the globe with no man power at all, in the field of propulsion. In terms of an engineering solution, the utilisation of the wind in the filling of sails in order to move, is one of the finer engineering aspects that the modern world has ever seen. As lovers of brilliant engineering solutions, our hog and spit roasting machines provide yet another example of a system which simply shines magnificently in the field of manufacture and specific design. Just as sail powered ships master the seas, our machines have mastered the culinary world, come and let us master your occasion!

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