Rugby Fun

‘And I wonder, still I wonder, who’ll stop the rain?’ great lyrics by a great band by the name of Credence Clearwater Revival. And, funnily enough, lyrics that directly apply to the predicament of us all in the North of England. The truth of the matter is that it has been raining for the past three weeks without any sign of apparently letting up its cloud-fuelled efforts. And, in a manner typical to Britain only, we are still in the throes of a hose-pipe ban after one of the wettest July’s on record!

Yet it isn’t my job to complain incessantly, nor is it my position to use this platform as a means of critiscising the weather and the rest of Gods works (although such persistent lack of sunshine does make one question ones views as regards theology). Instead, our catering teams have been out in the field, catering away like there’s no tomorrow! Earlier this week, one of our teams catered for a local rugby team, who were simply delighted with the food. Funnily enough, I remember their enquiry first coming into our office and one of their number calling us to check a few things over. They couldn’t believe the price, as we are so very reasonable in this department due to buying whole meats, which is a lot cheaper than conventional means of meat purchasing. Also, they were anxious that they wouldn’t be enough food. Ha! Did they know who they were talking to?! Clearly not! However, the food was great, they were all filled to the maximus and everyone was so happy that tears were apparent in the wells off many eyes.

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