Start of the Week!

The season for event catering is in full swing, indeed it is. In truth, all year is our season, however this time of year is when we can really get into a mode where we attack each event with the gusto that simply separates us from the rest. Having spent a ridiculous amount of time in the hunt for ingredients of sever distinction, our chefs have been so happy to deliver menus which truly push the boundaries in terms of event catering. Where many thought that a ‘giroult’ mushroom could only be found on the menus of a three-star restaurant, our chefs have been combining them and their nutty flavours to create some agonizingly good side dishes to our spit roasted meat. Marvellous, I have tasted them myself and it must be said so (not that I wish to further inflate the egos of the chefs!!)

The charity events have been a real pleasure this year, with money being raised for various good causes for charities both inside the United Kingdom and for those based out with our shining bounds. The week ahead is packed full of action for all of us as we grapple to get our ingredients from the farms as late as possible (in order to maintain maximum freshness) whilst also making sure that our organization timetables are always met and exceeded. With this in mind, we have attacked all of our jobs with vigour, and our results have put many smiles on many faces already this summer.

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