Sunshine and Hogs

Oh the joys of the summer are hard to quantify! Cant it be said that, indeed, our lives have become so much more rich and wholesome due to the welcome rays of the sun? Yes it can be said, and here is where it shall be proclaimed! In an act of wild savagery, however, the clouds have come and have thwarted the divine efforts of the gracious sun. so where, once, the rays of divine light and warmth shone down on to man, woman and child, now the earth is wrapped in the fetid blanket of the cloud-god. He wreaks his havoc and destruction like the warlord that he is, the tears of his starved army do fall on us below. However, in response to this the sun burns his golden way through the smoke and the dampest of mires, smiting the moisture and greyness as he goes. Into the darkness goes s blessed light, and into our hearts returns the happiness that we once knew, all of 5 hours ago.

Now the sun is here and we can all have a happy hog roast. Everyone’s a winner (except for the pig in question, but even he appreciates that, in the wake of his death, much pleasure has been derived from his ample carcass)

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