Janes the Word!

What a week so far, its been full of fun and loaded with surprises! All of our machines have had their initial summer reports back and they are looking great. Having catered for hundreds of events already this year, our catering teams have had some of the finest culinary experiences to date. With our ingredients being even fresher than ever before, our customers have been busy sending us congratulatory emails in their tens and hundreds – very flattering indeed! In the office, one of our lovely office ladies has been proposed to by a local fish merchant. After a short romance, they have announce that they will be tying the knot later this year. So congratulations to them both and we hope everything goes swimmingly well for them. Jane has now started to concoct more dishes made with fish and she seems to be loving the idea of being out at sea, with waters and emotions high. Always a lover of a great sunset, Jane positively glows when she thinks of the old fisherman and the sea.

In other developments, we have been the proud recipients of the local ‘community brilliance’ awards, which states that our offices and enterprises not only help to reduce pollution, but also help to preserve wildlife and natural ecosystems in our local area. Apart from helping to reduce the large pig populations, our endeavours in the field of the environment truly are great and its something we’ve all had a hand in.

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