Are you in Basingstoke? Purchase our amazing hog roast service.

What a year for a having a spit roast or a Hog Roast in Basingstoke! Once again we’ve increased our capacity in every way, which means we can now cater for more people than ever – giving them the kind of food that restaurants can only dream of. In todays BLOG we are out on the road visiting a few of our skilled and fully trained catering teams on location. We get to hear the opinions of the chefs on what they do and how they do it – and we may even get an odd word or two from the clients themselves. As the owner of the company, I like to head out quite often to see how our guys and girls are doing on location. Although I’m continually inundated with emails and letters stating how fantastic our services are – it does me good, and the company good, if I get out there and have a good look for myself.

First stop is a birthday party at a cricket club, and it appears that the host have gone to great lengths to decorate the outside as well as the inside! On visiting the catering team while service was underway, it was great to see that everything was going perfectly – indeed, I couldn’t have prepared that crackling any better myself! It was great to see the organisation between the service team and the chefs working so smoothly – as teamwork in our job is absolutely vital; if one part of the chain fails then it can quickly begin to un-ravel. With only kind words from the host, we move on to our next catering assignment and location.

Next stop is a party to commemorate a son returning from the war in Afghanistan. I personally dealt with this event; as the mother of the son returning was nervous and excited about her sons imminenet return. On arrival it was great to see that the party really was in full flow – with everyone loving the food as well as the drink. Its great to see just how much a hog roast brings people together. Stay tuned for more insight into what we do!

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