Enjoy the perfect Christmas meal this year with a hog roast.

It’s getting cold – Which seems to be a running theme, lately – and that can only mean one thing, Christmas is near. Generally speaking at this time of year things slow down somewhat, as the weather is nothing short of ordinary and, well, people just don’t seem overly keen on dating their events and occasions in the Winter months. With that in mind, now is one of the better times of the year to try our renowned Chester Hog Roasting. With fewer events and less demand than usual for our hog roasting in December, there’s some real bargains to be had, especially if you’re organising an event that falls on a week day.

If you’re in Chester we have plenty of available slots for events over the next coming months so if you’re weighing up your options why not get in touch with us, if you use our internet form and pass on the details of your event we can be back to you within 24 hours with several quotes for different menu options.

Over the last few days I’ve been nothing short of run off my feet with a number of events I’ve helped organise and cater for. Yesterday was one of the largest events I’ve personally been involved with in Warrington for a good while, we catered at a large political/business function at the Halliwell Jones Stadium, feeding just shy of 300 people. The event was formal although very light hearted in nature in a lot of ways, so was good fun and interesting to observe as a business man myself with a keen interest in politics.

The food was well received but I can’t say I’m surprised considering the event ran for almost 5 hours and quite a few people looked disinterested with the talks at times! All in all it was very enjoyable and already we’ve been booked for the same event and venue next year, which is fantastic and something I’ll be looking forward to again this time next year.

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