A hog roast could be your perfect Wedding meal.

Today we completed a huge event in a rural estate near Hastings. In terms of the many hundreds of events which I have had the pleasure of catering at, this had to rank up there with one of the most enjoyable to date. Although the vast majority of the time spent whilst at the events of our many and varied customers involves exacting hard work and real attention to detail, the time spent liaising with the clients bout their event is also very important. Today, the mother of the Bride organised a wedding event in Hog Roast Hastings for her daughter and new son-in-law. In the grounds of the house, we set up our gazebos and quickly got to work with arranging the ingredints and items for the perfect wedding catering.

As ever, as soon as we arrived we set the pig onto the spit pole and into the lighted hog roaasting machine. As is normlly the case, both the client and her husband were keen to se us do this, as it is a sight to behold in itself. Once we had seasoned and scored the pig in the way we do best, we slotted it into the machine and set it on its way towards being golden and perfect. As the party and gathering was for 500 people, we repeated his process with another pig into another of our famous machines. So with 2 pigs roasting happily away, we had a chat with the host about sevice ties and all the othe things which are necessary to sort out before we embark upon the event itself.

Once the party was flowing, we had so much interest in the hog roast in the run up to service. We had people, both young and old, eager to see what smelled so good. Whilst the pigs were cooking, our chefs had been preparing all the dishes which were to be served. Once service began, people were truly thrilled by the crackling and all of our other dishes – it gives us such pride to give our clients such wonderful food and see their smiles!

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