Come with us on a journey to our suppliers.

There has never been a better time than now for a great Hog Roast in Bury. With capacity like never before, our fully trained and skilled chefs can now roast for more events than ever. With a great reputation and growing popularity – there is simply no reason to bore yourselves with standard event catering – when you can have deliciously spit and hog roasted food prepared by us at any time and in any location you wish! Today in our BLOG feature, you can come with us as we visit some of our suppliers. We’ll show you what we look for in great produce, and how this translates into a better dining experience for our clients. So, fasten your seatbelts and hop aboard the hog roasting express.

Here at our supplier of freshly slaughtered pigs near Bury we have collected 3 animals for roasting today. Working closely with suppliers is one of the fundamental keystones of our success. By uilding great relationships, not only do you get the best deal (with savings passed on to our customers, but you also get the best animals for roasting whole on our flame-kissed spits – fantastic. The animals display all the qualities of having a free and un-inhibited life. Poor quality pork is easy to spot – too much fat and weak bones, often with red colouring near the skin surface which highlights that the meat has not been bled properly. With the animals we have collected there is great shape and form. There is the perfect fat to meat ratio and the slaughtering methods are safe, humane and professional. With a cup of tea inside us we head to our next supplier, who will provide us with mouth-watering lamb.

Lamb is a great meat for spit roasting – arguably superior to pork. Although it cannot feed as many, the natural fattiness of the meat is great for the bating process. Although fat is crucial in crackling with pork – the fat resides on the outside beneath the skin. With lamb however, the fat runs marbled through the meat – giving different flavours and roasting in a different way. The lamb we collect is deep red in colour and lean – great quality.

All the meat collected today will be used today – freshness guaranteed!

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