Ensure that al of you guests are satisfied with our beautiful hog roasts

What a weekend we have had – simply great for all of those people who had a delicious hog or spit roast from us. Once again our caterers have done us absolutely proud – with nothing but messages of high praise coming in from our clients. Having a Hog Roast in Stevenage with us is one of the finest ways to ensure that your party or event has the best poosible cuisine and culinary fare within it – with this weekends messages once again confirming this.

On speaking to one of our chefs last night I was delighted to hear about an event which was conducted on Saturday night in the outskirts of Stevenage, at a golf club on behalf of one of our clients. Although the client had utilised our bespoke hog and spit roasted serveices before, we approach each and every event or function with the same level of detail and attention which has got us to where we are today. A special event for our client – the function marked his official retirement from a post which he had held for over 35 years – its great to see such loyalty to a company in times where loyalty can be sometimes un-rewarding. Our chefs arrived and immediately set 2 gorgeous spring lambs onto the spt, following their seasoning and preparation. Because all of our specially adapted machines emit very low amounts of emmissions, the machines were placed indoors and left to roast happily away whilst our chefs began crafting and creating the salads and vegetable dishes which were to make up the rest of the menu whhich had been stipulated. With lovely canapes also requested, our chefs set to work creating these little mouthfuls of delight – using freshly smoked salmon and delicious freshwater prawns, amongst other ingredients. Whilst the lambs slowly roasted towards their magnificent state of readiness oveer the course of 4 hours or so, the smells which percolated hrough the enue created much interesst – and it is always joy for us to inform people of just how much we love th method of roasting we purport. The event went without a hitch as always, and everyone loved their food.

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