A hog roast is used by high quality meats

Hello and welcome to todays installation of our much-loved hog andd spit roasting BLOG. This is where you, as lovers of all things hog roast, get to se the great method of hog and spit roasting from our side. Sure its fun on the receiving end of our celebrated events, however, its also a real joy to roast fabulous meat and make great food too. So hop aboard as we go on one of our culinary assignments today. As a chef I’m normally completely busy with lots of food preparation and menu decorating to do. However, todaay, we have one of uor trainee chefs with us, so I will be able to update the page while I let him get to grips with certain areas under the watchful eyes of my roasting team. Although all of our chefs are completely skilled and qualified, we still insist that they accompany fully fledged chefs like myself for a number of events before they get the channce to do it themsleves. This way, not only do we ensure that our clients are always receiving the very best, but we also instil the skills that w expect. This gives the chef more confidence once they become fully fledged – so everyones a winner. Its commitment lke this which allows us to continually provide the best Hog Roast in Wigan, every time.

After picking up ouur meats from the fresh suppliers we have landed at the location. The meats have been lovingly seasoned and scored to allow the flavours in and the basting juices to flow. As the pigs turn, the juices from the ccarcass seep out. The turning motion then redistributes this juice and it is re-absorbed into the flesh. The resulting taste of this process for over 5 and a half hours cannot be overestimated.

The menus were served with precision and each componenet of the menu came together to produce wonderful results. Another great event and yeet another set of happy clients. Our trainee chef kept a cool head as over 500 people were served – great performance and yet more good news to take back to HQ.

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