Party on down with our hog roast

Back again and this time reporting in from none other than
Reading. I’m in charge of catering today
at two Reading occasions , the first being a pub anniversary that’s celebrating
10 years of success and slightly earlier i’ll be giving a helping hand at a
high school reunion.

The pub anniversary should be good fun as it’s a pretty
large establishment and they’re expecting close to 200 people. We’re serving
our food late afternoon and we’re cooking from one of our favourites, the party
buffet menu.

Here’s what we’ll be serving the guests:

Canapés – A choice of a classic Italian Tomato and
Mozzarella Mini-Pizza, with complimentary Greek olives served on top; Wild
Mushroom Bouchees, creamy mushroom, thyme and garlic cooked in a puffy pastry
case; Feta Skewers of marinated Feta cheese in fennel and toasted sesame seeds,
with cucumber, olive and mint; Handmade Gourmet sausages to be served with
whole grain mustard dip; and lastly Mini 100% beef handmade burgers, served
encroute with fresh crispy lettuce and a tomato salsa.

Followed by main course options of – Spit Roasted pig served
with stuffing, apple sauce and crispy crackling or Spit Roasted Sirloin of
Roast beef served with Yorkshire puddings, horse radish sauce and a red wine
gravy – With a salad choice of Fresh Green Leaf, Tomato & Basil or a
Classic Caesar, each with New Potatoes Roasted with rosemary and sea salt.

Finally the guests will have the option for dessert of
either Profiteroles or a Lemon Tart, both served with cream. As always with the
party buffet menu the customer will receive a chef, a catering assistant,
waiting staff that will all be on site several hours prior to the event to
prepare and start the cooking process. We’ll also be bringing our own lay
tables, crockery and napkins.

The High School reunion is also being served from our party
buffet menu, although for all intents and purposes it’s a completely different
menu as the customer has chosen different Canapés, main meals, side dishes and
desserts. There’s so much choice with our menus that it’s rare for one menu
ever to be exactly the same as the other, except for with the more simple menus
such as the pig sandwich and snack sandwich menus.

Adiós and have a good

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