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No one ever said hog roasting was easy, but today has involved a lot of lifting and pulling for the boys! We have just tkaen delivery of our brand new hog and spit roasting machines which are to be put to use pretty much straight away. Our current machines are hardly old, but if you want to make exacting food then the machinery and equipment you use has to be exacting too. When it comes to providing the perfect spit roast or Hog Roast in Hemel Hempstead, there is no other company that can come close to us. What we are about to do now is a testament to the detail we show attention to as well as the dediaction we have to making sure it all goes right.

On moving the machines into the holding area at our headquarters, we must now put them to the test. Instead of using industril units which would look at home where they couldn’t be seen – our machines are hand made in Britain and look wonderful. Although they prepare meat better than any other machine – as well as producing the most bubbly and golden crackling – each machine is ever so slightly different due to beiung hand made. Instead of a weakness, we see this as a strength – as each of these machines has character and in turn we can love them. By testing each machine, we note its idiosyncracies and this allows us to cater more effectively, especially when it comes to pulling all of the menu options together and timing all of our menus.

Many of our current machines will continue to be used for a while, as thy are in perfect working order – however, it is important to bring in the new ones with a good time overlap. Working closely with the manufacturers (another great facet of working with a British machine manufacturer) has allowed us to tailor the design – allowing for better events for our clients. When it comes to getting the hog roast and spit roast event just right, we leave no stone un-turned.

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