Hiring a hog roast maching can boost fundraising

I have another busy
day ahead of me today and I’m working in Tunbridge once again. To start with
we’re currently looking for a new member of our office team and I have a few
potential employees who I’ll be interviewing this morning for the position. I’m
hoping that we can fill the position today as the rest of the office team are
being swamped with work lately, with lots of people needing catering over the
coming months.

Once that’s out of the way I’m looking forward to finishing
the day early and getting home for a few days. There’s several events we’ll be
providing catering for today, but I’m not really needed as the team are more
than capable so I’ll be working from home for a day or two.

Yesterday we hog roast catered for a young man who is
raising money to help to raise awareness for testicular cance. He’s been
working towards raising awareness for several months and is looking to finish
his fund raising with a bang before studying in Australia. He’s hoping that he
can raise a sizable amount of money by throwing a large fund-raising event and
with our help and hog roasting expertise he managed to raise just over £6,000
from 800 guests. Not a bad effort by anyone’s standards. We provided food from
the informal sit down buffet menu and guests had a great choice of delicious
out of this world spit roasted meals.

Hog roasts are a great way to
help increase donations at a fund raising event. Better still is if you really
want to maximise the money you’re raising you don’t even need to use our
catering service… We have a machine hire service for an nth of the cost. You
can be using your very own hog roast machine for the day for as little as £195
a month and we’re including delivery, collection, a bottle of gas and
instruction. Hog roasting is easy; we’ll show you how to work the machines on
delivery. When you hire machines you’re able to raise so much more as there’s
little in the way of outgoing costs.

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