We’re shortlisted for an award!

Well, well, well… I have some great news to share with our
readers today. I’ve just gotten off the phone with an authority in the UK
catering industry and have been told we’re shortlisted for an award for
catering innovation. It’s not the first time we’ve been up for awards or even
won awards, but this one is a big one and could really help us once again grow
that little bit more. It’s funny because every year I seem to think we’re as
successful as is possible, and every year I’m surprised by growth and
improvement that didn’t seem to be theoretically possible before hand.

That’s the good news for today. The bad news is I’m in
Southampton! All jokes aside I’ve just arrived in Southampton, the Sun is out,
so much so that I could barely see the road on my way to the office, and I’ve a
busy day of hog roasting ahead of me.

Straight away I’ll be leaving the office to visit another
office and provide a business meeting lunch for a small party of 20. Simple is
best for these type of events, nothing to adventurous, we’ll be serving the
roasted lamb option. After that I don’t even have time to return to the office
as I’m driving straight over to the next venue to help the team again, this
time for the re-opening of a rather historic pub in Southampton. The customer
isn’t all to sure how many people need feeding so we decided on shooting high
and cooking enough for 600 people. We’ll be serving pigs and chickens from a
rather large beer garden and the day couldn’t be any nicer. The client has
hired a few marquees but with any luck they won’t be needed.

As you can well imagine I can’t wipe the smile from my face
today and I can’t wait for the rest of the team to arrive at the office so I
can tell them the good news.

Hope you’re still enjoying the blog, call us for more
information on hog roast catering, hog roast machine hire and hog roast machine
sales in Southampton.

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