Hog Roast Darrington – Retirement Buffeting

After close to around 40 years of service in a singular job its likely you’ll have made a few friends in that time, so when it comes time to celebrate your retirement the guest list will have stacked up quite substantially. Family members, both close and extended, friends, and all the many colleagues you have had over the last several decades – that is a lot of people to entertain and a lot of mouths to feed. But as long time customer and friend of the company Ryan Randall found, Hog Roast Darrington can help with both by providing quality expert catering that dazzles and delights!

Having worked for his office since the age of 28, now at 65 Ryan is heading off to the sunny delights of retirement and wanted to celebrate his time with the company in a style befitting of his service. He planned to reach out to as many colleagues he has worked with in that time, both past and present, to throw a huge bash before he and wife Ann head for the quiet coastal Mediterranean – lucky for some! Well, when it is style and quality in volume that is required you know that Hog Roast Darrington are the ones to help.

Hog Roast Darrington With close to 200 guests in attendance Ryan and the Hog Roast Darrington team looked to pull out all the stops, ordering a banquet buffet and a canapé service that would keep everyone well fed. As guests entered the event the Hog Roast Darrington serving team was on hand to dish out welcome drinks and circulate with a variety of canapés: beer battered mini fish and chips, gourmet sausages, roasted halloumi and tomato crostini, a selection of small Indian delights, and mini quiches.

The main course was a buffet feast fit to serve all, with both our spit roast whole pig and our whole roasted sirloin of beef available, professionally carved up and dished out by our dear head chef. Further down the buffet line were all manner of delicious accompaniments: potato salad, roasted new potatoes, halloumi and veg roasted skewers, homemade coleslaw, Caesar salad, bread rolls and wraps, seasonal mixed leaves, and fries.

For any that still had room after seconds and sometimes even thirds, a choice of cheesecake or chocolate torte each served with cream was available for pudding.

The night was a huge success and Ryan more than looked ready to set off for sunny retirement!

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