Hog Roast Edinburgh’s Standalone Menus And So Much More

Hog Roast Edinburgh may well be known for amazing hog roast centrepieces that are the star of all kinds of parties and events, including weddings, birthdays, retirements, anniversaries, corporate gigs and so much more, but if you take a look at our many menus, you’ll see a whole lot more too. We can cook up a storm with a sumptuous spit-roasted alternative meat if you prefer, provide delicious dishes for diets such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, and we have plenty of additional possibilities of starters, sides, desserts and canapés too.

While we’re more than happy for a customer like you to create your own menu simply by choosing what you wish from ours, we also have a selection of standalone menus on offer, which you can adapt in order to make it your own. This may make the decision a little easier for you and you’ll still get to feast on mouth watering food that we make using fresh, quality ingredients, which are local where possible too, including the top-notch meat that we use to cook on the day of your special occasion.

Taste the CracklinA Hog Roast Edinburgh standalone is suitable for anything that you may be planning and can easily wow your party guests with something that little bit unique, like our awesome Alfresco, which is a three-course affair including a hog roast main, but you also get Italian platters of meats, breads and cheeses to start, sides to go with your main, and two desserts for afters as well. If you prefer a one-course wonder, try our luscious Loaded Fries, which are topped with melted cheese and jalapenos, in addition to either brisket of beef or pulled pork and a zesty or spicy slaw (and you get to decide which when you book).

One of our stunning Southern Slow Roasts may well be your perfect menu instead, where we serve a trio of meats, all marinated in our secret-recipe rubs, and four sides, and you choose your favourites in advance, though our tasty Traditional Barbecue may be just the ticket, where you dine on several grilled meats and a selection of sides too. So for a scrumptious standalone or to devise your own menu, contact Hog Roast Edinburgh today.

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