Hog Roast Stewkley provides a yummy midnight feast

What can you do for the night staff? The night staff always tend to miss out on the nice treats that the daytime staff get as many companies don’t do the ‘graveyard’ shift as some call it or they charge the earth for it. Hog Roast Stewkley had been approached by a local medicine factory to see what they could offer the night-time staff.

Hog Roast StewkleyHog Roast Stewkley and Belinda had agreed on a drop off buffet. Hog Roast Stewkley would drop the buffet off at 10pm so that the staff could pick at it during their breaks throughout the night. Thankfully, the company had refrigeration so that everything was kept at a safe temperature.

Belinda tailored her buffet menu to her staff’s requirements for instance, some sandwich fillings needed to be halal, some vegetarian or vegan and some sandwiches gluten free. Hog Roast Stewkley ensured that all of these requirements were catered for.

The buffet entailed a selection of sandwiches, some being nice and simple such as cheese and pickle to more fancy fillings of smoked salmon and cream cheese. Hog Roast Stewkley also used wraps, rolls and bagels to mix it up. There was a variety of different crisp flavours, from okaying it safe with sea salt to more daring sweet chilli. There was also a mixture of nibbles such as scotch eggs, sausage rolls, chicken satay sticks and pork pies. For vegetarians, Hog Roast Stewkley had brought cheese and onion rolls, Quorn scotch eggs and mini vegetable tarts. The gluten frees had their own platter of nibbles safe for them.

Additionally, there was a cheeseboard with butter portions, bread sticks, a selection of crackers and different chutneys as well as homemade coleslaw and a salad platter.

Hog Roast StewkleyBelinda had also requested a fresh fruit platter, so Hog Roast Stewkley had made a colourful display out of watermelon slices, grapes, sliced kiwis, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries.

Belinda was very grateful for the variety that Hog Roast Stewkley provided and said how everyone loved it and were really surprised they’d got a treat! It really was a midnight feast!

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