Hog Roast Burnley’s Mouth Watering Hog Roasts

When you’re planning any kind of special occasion which you want to feature tasty homemade food, our Hog Roast Burnley catering team can help you to decide on your perfect menu, whatever that may be. In terms of our signature food, we can provide a simple yet mouth watering main course all by itself, such as our famous pigs in buns, or we could add a side or two, or we can make a traditional hog roast into a plated meal if you prefer, to enjoy alongside seasonal vegetables and potatoes or salads and coleslaw, and you’re welcome to add more courses if you like, such as canapés, starters or desserts.

Hog Roast BurnleyYour menu is all about you and your guests and we want you to be able to enjoy what you want and what your guests need, so if you fancy a hog roast centrepiece but one of your guests needs a gluten-free option, for example, it pays to know that we can easily make a Hog Roast Burnley one suitable, simply by taking along gluten-free rolls and wraps for them (as all the other ingredients are suitable already). If you’re instead inviting vegans or vegetarians, let us know when you book and we can tell you all about our delicious alternatives, like vegan pulled jackfruit buns with slaw and vegetarian skewers with halloumi and veg.

It could be that you’d rather feast on a different meat to pork for your main and you’d be in luck, as we can cook up a storm with a spit-roasted main if you like, such as English beef sirloin, a whole English lamb or some free-range chickens or turkeys, or even something a little bit more unusual if that floats your boat. We also have some excellent standalone menus on offer, including our Alfresco, Loaded Fries, Traditional Barbecue and Southern Slow Roast, whether you’re after a one-course wonder, mains with sides or a three-course meal with an Italian twist.

Hog Roast Burnley can cater for you and all of your guests, regardless of any differing personal tastes or diets, so call us today to see how.

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