Our Hog Roast Belper Dining Menu In More Detail

Hog Roast Belper has plenty of choice and variety on offer, so that all of our customers can ensure that all of their guests are well-fed on the day of their party or event. So even if you’re inviting anyone with dietary needs or those who prefer a different meat to our signature food, we’ll still do you proud, and we can also wow you with our additional possibilities of canapés, starters, sides and desserts if needed too. While you’re more than welcome to create your very own menu from scratch, by choosing your favourite dishes from ours, sometimes one of ours is already perfect for your special occasion, and that could well be our Hog Roast Dining Menu, which includes two main courses and multiple sides, all served buffet-style.

Taste the CracklinBy giving you two mouthwatering mains on the day instead of one, our Hog Roast Belper Hog Roast Dining Menu is a great way to satisfy various personal tastes, and while you can choose one of our hog roasts as one of them, it’s not obligatory. Select your two favourites from a hog roast that comes complete with crispy crackling and our homemade apple sauce and stuffing, a spit-roasted whole English lamb which we stud with garlic and rosemary and serve with mint sauce and Yorkshire puddings, roasted beef sirloin that’s brushed with mustard and comes with Yorkshires and a red wine gravy, free-range chickens that we rub with sea salt and thyme and are accompanied by chipolata sausages and stuffing, free-range turkeys with sage butter, cranberry sauce and stuffing or a combo of barbecued beef burgers and gourmet sausages.

In terms of your side dishes, first decide on your potato option to be served, from either buttered new potatoes in chives, roasties with garlic and rosemary or Dauphinoise, and then either seasonal vegetables (which you choose in advance, like carrots, Brussels and green beans) or fresh salads (tomato and mozzarella, a classic Caesar, seasonal leaves and coleslaw).

For this gorgeous feast, a different standalone or to choose your very own menu instead, contact Hog Roast Belper today, as we’re waiting for your call!

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