Tasting sessions can be essential to a decision with Hog Roast Waplington

With how many wonderful menus and choices that Hog Roast Waplington’s menus have to offer, it’s no wonder people have a tough time making a final decision on what choices to go for. With a wedding you want to make sure that your decision is the perfect one, one that not only you and your partner will enjoy, but also all your guests. Food is one of the things that makes a lasting impression of the wedding day, so Hog Roast Waplington understands the importance of getting it right.

hog roast Waplington Hog Roast Waplington can provide a tasting session for a small additional charge of the overall wedding day price. It is something that they have recently started doing after having so many people enquire about it, especially for their Southern Slow Roast menu and canapé options.

What’s great about a tasting session is that it can be done at your wedding venue. By doing this it gives the Hog Roast Waplington team the opportunity to have a tour of the venue, being shown any equipment or areas of importance for the day such as the power and water supply. You can show the designated area for the caterers and how you would like them setting up or ask questions about their set up in alignment with the venue’s measurements.

In addition, it gives you the opportunity to run through the menu and requirements of the day face to face on a more personal basis rather than over the phone or via emails. The best part, you get to try your wedding food and make sure you are happy with everything.

Everything will be freshly prepared at the venue mirroring the actions taking place on the wedding day. The equipment for instance, a BBQ or six-burner oven will be used to produce the food which again reflects how it will be cooked and prepped on the day. Having the equipment at hand also gives the team a rough idea about the space they have and whether certain things like the spit-roast machine will fit through doors or gates and decide on how to overcome such issues.

You will receive a personal dining experience for you and your partner. If you do not require a testing session, be assured that a face-to-face meeting can be arranged before the date of your big day.

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