Hog roast event catering team counting down the days until Christmas! :)


Its only 18 more sleeps until Christmas day, its the 7th of December and behind today’s advent calendar door is a picture of a snowman. I hope everyone has got their shopping done and most importantly sorted out their Christmas party catering.

This morning we have put some tinsel around the office to give it a more festive feel and we even have a mini pink Christmas tree standing proudly on our reception desk. Christmas cards from regular customers have also started to flood in and we have placed these around the office although if they keep coming in at this rate we wont be able to move for them!

The snow has been quite thick here over the last few days but we have continued on with our catering service regardless, The weather has even brought us some extra business as many people who were booked with other caterers were let down due to the snow. Hog roast event catering team were more than happy to step in and save the day. After all it takes more than a few snowflakes to stop us rustling up a good old hog roast!

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