The world of hog and spit roast catering is a brilliantly fast placed arena. As many of our customers and friends within the trade will know, there is seldom a dull day behind the wheel of a titan hog and spit roasting machine. Where many of our events revolve a round the three main types of broad-aspect catering genre, sometimes our duties in the form of hog and spit roasted catered events ensure that we cater for vents that sit outside the normal remit of this type of specific yet openly encompassing form of exquisite dinging solution.

First of all, the three main areas which the majority of our catering jobs fall into are corporate hospitality, private function catering and bespoke wedding catered services. First of all, our private function catering is the aspect of our services which has been the longest standing. Due to our beginnings in the trade, it was beach parties and other such informal function settings that allowed us to both become entrenched within the tasty world of the hog roast, as well as allowing us to gain crucial and pivotal experience within the trade itself. Our corporate activities within the hog and spit roast catering sector have helped seal the deal for many businesses both large and small. Through our intricate knowledge of the various foods which we put on people plates, we have come to understand the difference between a good event and a truly great one. The wedding catered solutions which we are committed to have been the piece de resistance of all of our services combined. Using our extreme levels of dedication as well as our steadfast approach towards ingredients, our foods have helped to make some of the most memorable wedding experiences to date. So come on down to hog roast town. Shamone!

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