tasting times

Working with the great British public has to be one of the finest and most enjoyable aspects of our job. Alas, sometimes it is hard to call our job, a ‘job,’ as we simply derive so much enjoyment from the services which we commit to. Week-in, week-out, we complete catering assignments which the nation adores. And in turn, we adore them!

This weekend saw many of our catering teams crafting beautiful food from various meat produce. All sourced fresh, our teams enjoyed how their products made the people they were serving feel. Out on the racecourse with Graham, one of our top chefs, I was able to witness his chef skills in a first hand manner. And my, was I impressed. Handling the hogs like they were an extension of his very being, Graham applied seasonings and skilful touches which the average eye would miss. Once cooking, he launched headlong into the preparation of the various side dishes which help to create the most wondrous of culinary environments. With air filled with the aromas of greatness, and the eyes stunned to watery brilliance in the face of such graphic beauty, I watched in a manner which was entirely dumbstruck. Through Grahams testing of new ingredients we had a great time tasting the lovely food. What a day!

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