Retire In Style With Taste the Cracklin

For a long time now, Taste the Cracklin has provided both old and new customers with a great wealth of choice and variety so that you can make sure that everyone you invite to your special occasion can enjoy our tasty food. You may well have plenty of guests who are hankering after our famously moreish pigs in buns or a lovely plated hog roast meal, once we have freshly-prepared and cooked you a hog roast fresh on the day. Nevertheless, we truly understand the need for alternative or additional dishes too, which is why within our menus, you’ll find so much more than you might have imagined.

Taste the CracklinFrom an 80th birthday celebration to a newborn’s christening or a wedding reception meal to a business meeting, Taste the Cracklin can easily cater for you, regardless of the formality of the occasion, the venue’s location or the type of function you’re organising. Our food is highly suitable for just about anything you can think of, and any number of guests, whether you’re inviting several hundred or just a handful. We help you to throw a party or event that no one will forget for a long time to come, by providing mouthwatering dishes from fresh, high-quality, local ingredients, including the meat that we source locally from trusted butchers and farmers.

If you need meaty alternatives to a hog roast, we can spit-roast poultry, beef or lamb, barbecue sausages, ribs and burgers or make a great feast with our Southern Slow Roast or Loaded Fries menus. Perhaps you need several courses served, and we have an assortment of lovely starters, sides, desserts and even handmade canapés that we will freshly make on the day. Plus guests on special diets will be catered too; just let us know your requirements when you book our services.

For a retirement party that Taste the Cracklin catered on Friday, we made our amazing pigs in buns for all of the guests, including one with a gluten intolerance. When they found out they could enjoy the same food as everyone else, just by us taking along fresh, gluten-free bread rolls, this guest was more than pleasantly surprised and we were happy to see that everyone invited could devour our famous pigs in buns.



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