Taste the Cracklin for an Angling Club

Surrey - coleslawDavid and Lorraine are the man and wife team behind a local angling club, which offers its members the opportunity to improve their fresh water fishing techniques in a tranquil environment with experts on had to offer advice about the best methods and equipment. They had been trying to think of ways to revamp their image and attract more anglers to their club, which had been a bit quiet lately. They decided a lakeside party with the offer of a free mini fishing lesson and incentives for new members to join would be a fun way to introduce people to the art of fresh water fishing and make them realise what a therapeutic and rewarding hobby it can be. They wanted to provide food, but with the event taking place outside, they didn’t want the hassle of having to move their entire kitchen out there and be carrying plates of food back and forth. They needed a catering company who could provide excellent food that was great value for money and who were able to cook outside and bring the whole shebang with them. When they contacted us here at Taste The Cracklin, they quickly realised we ticked every box!


With a relaxed, informal buffet of classic hog roast with crunchy crackling, served with our signature apple sauce, potato wedges and our own freshly prepared coleslaw and side salad, the fishing novices in attendance were in for a treat! Because the Taste The Cracklin team were cooking lakeside where all the afternoon’s proceedings were taking place, the guests were able to approach our serving table whenever they pleased and enjoy the food without missing out on any important information or the opportunity to have a go at casting off themselves. David and Lorraine were really pleased with how this worked out and as everyone tucked in, they could still learn more about what the club offered from their host and hostess and sign on the dotted line to join up with a pen in one hand and a melt in the mouth hog roast butty in the other! Our resident angling enthusiasts were thrilled with the show of interest their party had produced and they thanked Taste The Cracklin for the role we played in keeping everyone involved with our great food and convenient service style!

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