A day in the life of the hog roast office

Another blog, another day, another location, another event –
Another good morning, as always, to our blog readers from myself and the rest
of the hog roast team here in the office. Somehow I’ve found myself at work an
hour early today, not sure whether the roads have gotten shorter or I’m going
mad with age, but it makes a nice change to have some time to spare in the

So, where was I? Oh yes! We’re having a huge surge of
interest in our catering and hire service in Cheltenham, which is great news as
we’ve been trying to increase our presence and popularity in Cheltenham for
some time now, and all the hard work seems to be paying off.

My schedule for today looks something like this:

Now – Writing my blog 🙂

9am – Read through Emails and get in contact with people
who’ve been enquiring about our services. There’s a sizeable number of people
interested in hog roast catering for the next few months so I’ll be making
price estimations and chasing interested parties. Also have 4 people interested
in hiring a machine towards the tail end of December so need to confirm dates,
location and hire length.

11am – Hog roast sandwich catering for one of the local
Rugby clubs. We’ve catered for this particular team a few times over the years
and has always been a great time, with lots of great people and the team always
have a monster appetite!

2pm – Paperwork, I won’t go into detail as I don’t want to
bore you all to death. Be assured that it’s tiresome work and I’d much rather
be doing some real work.

That’s me for the day. The team have a day that’s a little
more eventful and are also catering for a works party later in the evening; I
believe they’re serving one of the party menus that has been customised to some
degree on request of the client. Customising menus for clients is something we
do often.

I hope you’re enjoying our blog,
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